St Dominic Savio School requires that all students wear appropriate attire as outlined below. The uniform policy is specific and not subject to personal interpretation. All decisions governing the style, color, and appropriateness of the student uniform or other attire is made by the school administration only. 

Visitors to any Catholic school notice that students are neatly and uniformly dressed. The requirement of wearing uniforms is intended to enhance the educational environment. The Catholic community of St. Dominic Savio School is committed to developing in our youth a strong sense of Catholic identity and community. The traditional uniform is a strong symbol of our Catholic heritage and Catholic image, and it promotes school pride both at and away from school. With our uniform and dress code, we strive to promote attitudes of moderation, modesty, neatness, cleanliness, and good taste. 

It is the responsibility of parents to see that their children adhere and support all regulations regarding dress code. Our school’s dress code is clearly defined. Your cooperation and support in this matter is very much appreciated. Issues relating to dress or appearance of a student that are not specifically mentioned in this handbook, but are inconsistent with the school’s regulations, may be deemed unacceptable at the discretion of the principal. The school reserves the right at all times to determine whether a student is appropriately dressed and groomed. The principal reserves the right to request any student to change attire, to regulate against certain fashions, and to confiscate any items when it is deemed necessary. Parents may be required to bring an appropriate change of clothes to school if a student is inappropriately dressed. Students who repeatedly violate the dress code are subject to disciplinary action.

Uniform Violations and Infractions

Students with Uniform Violations and Infractions will be required to go to the school office and call home to have the proper uniform article brought in. If the article cannot be brought in, then the student will be sent to class and will receive a uniform violation notice for the infraction. Three infractions will result in detention, the 4th occurrence will result in a parent-administrator conference and the 5th will result in suspension. (Cumulative infractions are per trimester). Infractions beyond the 5th infraction will result in administrative probation and possible expulsion for deliberate disobedience. 

A neat appearance and overall cleanliness help promote a healthy attitude and positive self- image. The school's policy regarding student dress and grooming emphasizes good taste, cleanliness, simplicity, and modesty. Uniforms must fit properly, be proper length, be kept clean, and maintained in good condition. 

Hair must be neat and tidy at all times and must be worn away from the eyes. It must not be a cause of distraction to other students. No "tails," "lines," extreme or fad hairstyles, fully shaved, spiked styles, or coloring of hair are allowed. During physical education class and CYO athletic events, girls must wear their hair tied back. Boys' hair must be short and not touch the collar of their uniform shirt, cover the ears or the eyes. No bangs or spikes for boys. Where applicable, boy's faces must be clean-shaven. Sideburns must end at the middle of the ear.

Jewelry is not allowed. This is for student safety. Jewelry will be confiscated and held by the office. Neck chains, rings, bracelets, ID tags (except medical), strings, or other similar items may not be worn. Girls may wear one pair of earrings (one on each ear lobe) and use only "post" earrings or other small studs that hug the ear lobe closely. Other styles that are possible safety hazards are not allowed. Boys may not wear earrings. Visible body piercing and tattoos are unacceptable. Lifting or removing clothing for the purpose of exposing a piercing or tattoo may also be considered a violation of this policy. 

Make-up No make-up of any kind is allowed in school or at any school-related events, on or off the premises; only clear non-glitter lip balm is permitted. No long nails, false nails, or colored nail polishes are allowed. Only clear nail polish is permitted. Eyebrows should remain natural. 

Perfumes do not represent a student need. Due to the number of people suffering from allergies aggravated by odors, no perfumes, colognes, or strongly scented toiletries are permitted. Offenders may be sent home to shower before returning to school. Students may wear unscented antiperspirant. 

Pants/Shorts may not be low waist pants. No cargo pants. 

Skirts/Jumpers/Skorts must cover the middle of the knees. 

Shirts must be tucked in at all times. 

Alternative shirts such as student council, decathlon, sports teams, or previous special event t-shirts may only be worn on days specifically designated by the administration. 

Shoes must be 95% solid black. Stripes or Nike style crests must be black, white, or gray only. No other colors are authorized. Shoes must be secured with laces in the front of the shoe. No slip-ons. No patterned shoes, i.e. checkerboard or similar. No shoes with wheels, blinking lights, sounds, etc. 

Socks must be crew style, extending at least 2" above the top of the shoe and can only be white or black. (Elite Socks - only white, blue, red or black may be worn and the back must be white or black). 

Tights/Leggings may be worn under jumpers/skirts and PE shorts on cold days. Only white or black may be worn. 

Belts with plain buckles (no design) must be worn with all pants/shorts with belt loops worn by boys and girls in grades 3-8. (No belt required for grades TK-K-1-2) 

Outerwear – Only approved SAVIO jackets/sweatshirts/sweaters may be worn at school. Outerwear MUST HAVE a Savio crest. No other sweaters/jackets/sweatshirts may be worn. 

FREE DRESS TK-8 – Free dress is a privilege provided by the school when approved by the principal or vice-principal. Students will be instructed as to what they may wear for particular Free Dress days. No hats or hoodies unless specifically stated. All other school rules apply including shoes. Clothing worn at school or at any school related event must be modest and in good taste. Any clothing that is too short, tight, or low-cut is not to be worn including tank tops, bare midriffs, halter-tops, un-hemmed shorts, clothing suggestive of gang style, and anything else that is in any way not appropriate for school.