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St. Dominic Savio School requires that all students wear appropriate attire as outlined below. The uniform policy is specific and not subject to personal interpretation. All decisions governing the style, color, and appropriateness of the student uniform or other attire is made by the school administration only. 

A neat appearance and overall cleanliness help promote a healthy attitude and positive self- image. The school's policy regarding student dress and grooming emphasizes good taste, cleanliness, simplicity, and modesty. Uniforms must fit properly, be proper length, be kept clean, and maintained in good condition. 


  1. All uniform tops and outerwear must have the school logo.


Official Uniform (not Mass or PE days) 

Girls: Red/white/blue Plaid skirt/skort, plaid jumper (must at least touch the top of the front and back of knee), navy blue walking shorts, navy blue pants 

Girls: May wear plain, no emblem white or navy blue knee high socks, navy or white tights under the uniform skirt or white or navy crew socks that must show 2 inches above the ankle

Boys: Navy blue pants, navy blue walking shorts (no faded and saggy pants) 

All: Red/White/Navy blue, polo shirt and must have logo (all shirts must be tucked in) All: Belts (brown or black) with plain buckle must be worn with pants/shorts (no belt required for grades TK-K-1-2) 

All: Outerwear (school sweaters and jackets) must have logo 

All: No emblem white or navy crew socks must show 2 inches above the ankle 

Mass Day Uniform 

Girls: Red/white/blue Plaid skirts/skorts and polo shirt, plaid jumpers (no pants or shorts) 

Boys: Navy blue pants (no shorts), polo shirt 

All: Belts (brown or black) with plain buckle must be worn with pants (no belt required for grades TK-K-1-2)  

All: Outerwear (school sweaters) must have logo 

All: Wear a red vest with school logo and  with a white polo

PE Uniform - Students must wear the designated P.E. uniform, only 


P.E. shirts must be solid navy blue and must have a school logo 

P.E. shorts must be solid navy blue mesh gym shorts and must be appropriate length 

P.E. sweatpants must be solid navy blue 

P.E. sweatshirts must be solid navy blue and must have a school logo 


P.E. must wear athletic shoes of any color


P.E. socks may be any color 

Please visit our Parent Handbook for full Uniform Policy and updates by clicking this link.

Michael's School Uniforms

225 S. Market Street

Inglewood CA 90301


Items that must be purchased from Michael's Uniforms

School jacket and/or sweater, and red vest with school logo

School red/white/navy blue polo shirt with school logo

PE sweatshirt with logo

PE shirt with logo

Items that may be purchased from other stores/vendors:
Navy blue pants and shorts 
P.E.  sweatpants or navy blue mesh shorts
Belt (black or brown) 
Shoes (black) 
Socks/Tights (white or navy blue) 

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